Capture the Museum _ Moma ArtLab iPad app

Capture the Museum is a live team game played out across the National Museum of Scotland, two clans are locked in a tense battle for territory, only one clan will be victorious. This is a treasure-hunt type challenge that gives the museum a chance to grab new audiences with digital game of territories.


MoMA ArtLab Ipad app is a creative application that allows users to make their own sound composition, a shape poem, a group drawing, and more, then save and share their artwork. It has several features such as:

  • Play with shapes, lines, and colors
  • Create a mobile
  • Experiment with paint
  • Draw from instructions
  • Create a sound composition
  • Draw with scissors
  • Make a line design
  • Collaborate on a group drawing
  • Create a shape poem
  • Make a chance collage
  • Creative prompts for extra inspiration
  • Audio for pre-readers



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