AR&ME is the official blog of the course Augmented Reality & Mobile Experience (2014 edition) of the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano.

AR&ME is held by:

Davide Spallazzo

Designer and research fellow at Politecnico di Milano, he deals with mobile technology and interactive systems for the enhancement of cultural heritage and tourism. He completed his PhD studying the use of mobile devices and mobile gaming as a means to stimulate learning and social engagement when visiting museums and cultural heritage.

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With the precious help of:

Ilaria Mariani

Graduated in MS Communication, Ilaria has a MBA degree in Brand Communication and actually she’s a PhD Student in Design at School of Design, Politecnico di Milano.
Her research deals on the one hand with territorial communication, social interaction and participative dialogue in the urban fabric; and on the other hand with Game Design & Game Studies investigating the (meaningful) play experience as a socio-cultural means. She is part of ImagisLab group, focusing on communication and Game Design.

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