Ultimate Dinosaurs brought to life by augmented reality at ROM

A behind-the-scenes look at the Augmented Reality technology being used by the Royal Ontario Museum to bring their newest dinosaur skeletons to life as part of the exhibit Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants of Gondwana.

All you have to do is to download the museum’s free app, scan the markers or the dinosaur’s bones around the exihibition and then you’ll see 3D dinosaurs model right in front of you.

Team 16


Google Pokémon: April Fools’ Challenge Hides Digital Monsters In Google Maps

One of the best April Fool’s Challenge from Google.

This time, Google partnered with Nintendo and Pokémon to create a new Google Maps challenge. Google hid 150 of the digital monsters around the globe on Google Maps, encouraging users to explore the globe to “catch them all.”

Google also released a YouTube video that claims that anyone who finds all 150 by April 2 will be invited to Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., to compete for a new job at Google, the resident Pokémon Master.

Are you ready to catch them all?