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Presentazione Team4 – Developet

And finally here is Developet! The mobile application that let you learn something about evolution and have fun.

According to the ADM briefing, this app improves the guided experience at the Museum of Natural History of Milan.
During the visit the guide will keep all the students focused and involved both because of his/her speaking skills and our app.

Actually it is necessary to pay attention to all the guide’s steps and answer his/her questions in order to obtain a completely-evolved cute pet.
In addition fun and learing do not finish in the museum!

To see how our app works you can see the video at

Otherwise enjoy our mock-up at
Team 4
sounds by

Capture the Museum _ Moma ArtLab iPad app

Capture the Museum is a live team game played out across the National Museum of Scotland, two clans are locked in a tense battle for territory, only one clan will be victorious. This is a treasure-hunt type challenge that gives the museum a chance to grab new audiences with digital game of territories.


MoMA ArtLab Ipad app is a creative application that allows users to make their own sound composition, a shape poem, a group drawing, and more, then save and share their artwork. It has several features such as:

  • Play with shapes, lines, and colors
  • Create a mobile
  • Experiment with paint
  • Draw from instructions
  • Create a sound composition
  • Draw with scissors
  • Make a line design
  • Collaborate on a group drawing
  • Create a shape poem
  • Make a chance collage
  • Creative prompts for extra inspiration
  • Audio for pre-readers