Amsterdam museum

Amsterdam museum offers the visitors a different experience compared to the usual history museums. It actually gives an interactive overview of the history of Amsterdam in the space of one hour. All the visitors are given a small flyer with a QR code on top and for each totem they’ll find they can scan the code and immediately a video in their mother tongue (Dutch, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian) will start. There are seven videos in the museum. This makes the Amsterdam museum a really appealing museum, ideal for visitors who don’t have too much time to spend in the museums but they still want to know something about the city. The museums also offers an app which works with the experience the visitor do in his tour of the museum: depending on the answer he’ll give to the screens in the tour he could have a specific walk through the city based on his profile and follow this from his own smartphone.

Team 7



Qr code reader

An “old” and useful museum app are Qr Codes: those little square images that can be read by smartphone and I-phone, are able to improve info about any piece of museum collection, so they’re a good link  between offline and augmented reality. The visitors can normally enjoy in watching artwork, and are also given the chance to get their own experience with this kind of individual tools.

A qr code can be coupled with an artwork: so it let the visitor get other info about it, like deepenings and so on, making the visit more interesting and involving. Then, reading the comment on your own phone means it can be simultaneously translated in many languages, as anyone needs.

These codes can be also used to know  the best personalized tour to do in the museum, based on your wishes.