Top six lessons from the 6th Museums and Mobile Conference

Dana Allen-Greil, blogger of Engaging Museums and leader of the digital strategy for education at the National Gallery of Art, explains six important keys for a good museum mobile technology. In each of them, Dana refers to successful or unsuccessful uses of mobile technology in popular museums and that’s interesting because she clarifies through examples what she’s meaning in her guidelines.

1. Keep it simple. No, seriously. Even simpler.
2. Design for “mobile first”. Or is that “tablet first”?
3. Design sites to be task-responsive, not device-responsive.
4. “Success comes more from visibility than from quality”.
5. Know who your audience really is and what they really want.
6. Stick to measuring what matters.

At the end of the article there’s an interesting ┬áMuseums & Mobile Survey data┬áthat identifies and tracks key trends for mobile strategy within the cultural sector.

Link to the article